Indonesian Teaching Resources

Bagus kan! is delighted to offer an interesting variety of teaching resources, most of which would be difficult to source elsewhere. First we have the Prize Pak, then a CD and workbook entitled “Indo Chants & Action Rhymes”, which is described in more detail below. Thirdly we have a variety of Indonesian teaching resource Paks. Fourthly there are Indonesian dance costumes and fifthly there are some wayang kulit puppets. We also sell a gong and an Indonesian usage guide “Ungkapan Indonesia-Inggris” by Podo, Sullivan, and other items you can find in the orders section.

Prize Pak

Bagus kan! is delighted to offer a pak containing a variety of prizes for students. Batik cards, an Indonesian motif t-shirt, leather rings, bamboo whistles, necklaces, bangles, hair clips, wayang golek pens and keyrings, two wallets (with Indonesian motif). 50 assorted prizes for $100.00, or 20 assorted smaller items for $30.00. Stimulate your students while supporting indigenous handcrafts. They also make ideal items for resale on an "Indonesian day" stall.

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Indo Chants & Action Rhymes

by Aaron Hall
A4 softcover book, CD & USB; or digital download. 56pp ISBN:0 646 34355 6

This is a unique teaching resource which uses good teaching practice to bring the learning of Indonesian to life. It is comprised of twenty five catchy chants using simple conversational Indonesian embeded in contextually appropriate indonesian settings chanted to a rhythm provided by gamelan music, and fifteen Action Rhymes which are songs with modern music as backing. The Action Rhymes are designed to involve body movement, and are especially suited to younger learners. These songs and chants are specifically designed for the teaching of Indonesian as a LOTE, and as such the words that have been selected will be familiar to the student. The gamelan music is provided by world class musicians from Yogyakarta and West Java, and will immerse the students in the music of Indonesia.

Reviews of the Indo Chants and Action Rhymes

As published in the MLTAT (Modern Language Teachers' Association of Tasmania) newsletter
In this review I will focus on the Indo Chants, which are brilliant. The five vocalists from different parts of Indonesia bring an irresistible energy, enjoyment and sense of play to the simple chants. The listeners' attention is further attracted by the gamelan music (traditional Indonesian orchestra) which accompanies the chants. To ears accustomed to Western music it makes an interesting and intriguing sound.
Teachers will find the book useful and informative. There is a page illustrating and describing the gamelan instruments. For each chant there is a transcript, an illustration, a vocabulary list and language/culture points. In fact the appealing layout of each page would make it a good handout for students but copyright does not seem to allow this*. At the back of the book a translation is provided for all the chants and rhymes. In addition to a list of contents, there is a list headed 'Curriculum Connections' which organizes the chants according to topics such as 'Food', Going places', Time" and 'Daily activities'. The chants cover everyday situations using conversational Indonesian. They could be used either to consolidate or introduce a particular topic or expression.
After my students had studied greetings, I decided to consolidate by playing the greeting chant. It worked really well; from Year 3 to Year 6, students were captivated. Most students couldn't resist joining in and many still remembered the chant a week later. Particularly pleasing was how they picked up the intonation, pronunciation and flow of the native speakers. Indo Chants demonstrates how language and culture are best learnt when taught simultaneously.
- Ingrid Coleman

As reviewed in "Berita Bahasa Indonesia", NSW Curriculum Support Directorate, Indonesian Bulletin.
The book is divided into two parts, chants and action rhymes. It has a table of contents and the chants and rhymes are also listed in curriculum areas.The book also has a section explaining the gamelan orchestra and the vocals. Each page with a chant has a box explaining language and cultural points and translation of some words. There is a full translation of each rhyme and chant at the back of the book. Each action rhyme has a full description of the actions to go with the rhyme.
I used the Indo Chants & Action Rhymes with three different classes - a grade 3, a K - 2 composite class and a 3 - 6 composite class. The reaction of all three classes was very similar. They all enjoyed the music and the "funny voices", and also enjoyed the swaying and moving with the beat of the chant.
I asked the grade 3 - 4 composite class for some comments. They were as follows: "Fun", "Cool", "I liked dancing with the music", I liked the voices and the musical instruments" All comments were positive. I found the resource very user-friendly and appropriate for teachers at any level of Indonesian language learning. I too had three fun lessons with my class using the Indo Chants and Action Rhymes.
- Marjorie Maxwell, Kirkton Public School
* Please note that copying the pages for in class use is permitted

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From Kancil to Kartini

by Carmyl Winkler
A4 softcover book, 124pp ISBN:0 9594653 2 4
15 Indonesian stories to tell, with associated activities for the classroom. Stories are a great way to get the students into Indonesian in a big way, and Carmyl's enthusiasm and experience show through in this book.
"Such a great idea, so beautifully done. I'm wildly impressed" - Mem Fox

Making Indonesian fun

by Carmyl Winkler
A4 softcover book, 126pp ISBN:978 0 646 81443 8
A resource book for teachers of primary Indonesian. A collection of games and activities for the Indonesian classroom. Some comments from teachers: "They are brilliant. I want to do plenty of drama and singing and these stories, plays , activities and songs will be excellent"

"I have read it all and think it's terrific. The activities are wonderful. The direct no-nonsense advice, so often lacking, is crucial".

School Uniforms

SD school uniforms. Shirt, shorts/skirt, hat, tie.

Topeng kayu

A pair of expertly carved wooden masks of Rama and Sinta.

becak man

Plasic moving jingling tukang becak. Batteries not included

Dance Costumes

Tradtional but easy to put on and take of. Each set consists of sarong, vest, neck decoration and head band. Please specify year level. Cheaper for larger quantities


Two sizes of small gong (bende). Steel with brass pencu. Includes mallet.


Indonesian currency. 5 x Rp100, 5 x Rp200, 5 x Rp500, 5 x Rp1.000, 5 x Rp2,000, 2 x Rp5.000

Kebaya & kain

Traditional female kebaya and kain (batik sarong) are available for sale.


T-shirt with Indonesian wayang picture and Indonesian words. 100% cotton.

Batik shirt

Who doesn't look good in Batik?

Wooden fruit

Pisang, nanas, rambutan dan mangga.


Traditional Indonesian sword


Traditional Indonesian batik head cloth


Indonesian National Cap


Traditional Javanese cap

Pancasila cap

Batik fan

Batik bag

Carrying all your stuff around and be environmentally fiendly. Expertly sewn by our brother-in-law in Yogya

Lurik bag

Lurik is a traditional weave from Central Java, and makes a great shopping bag. Looks great, is tough and environmentally friendly.


Plastic or wooden congklak boards for sale. Counters included.

Kamus Ungkapan Indonesia-Inggris

Indonesian usage guide oleh Podo dan Sullivan. For those serious about learning Indonesian.

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Indonesian Teaching Resources Paks

We know how role-plays and dramas have become integral components of the LOTE curriculum. They facilitate the development of oral and aural skills and provide a genuine context in which to explore the language, and kids love them. Four different general resource paks are currently available to cater to your specific needs. High Schools have larger clothes size, but no "Fron Kancil to Kartini" books.

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LOTE Indo Resources Pak

This Pak consists of a wide variety of teaching resources, which will assist your teaching over a broad spectrum of needs. Role-play items, books, including the "Indo Chants and Action Rhymes" and Carmyl's two classic books and many more items. If your requirements cover the broad spectrum, then this is the Pak for you.

Role-play Extension Pak

This Pak caters for those teachers who specifically require materials to help them develop the role-play and drama capabilities of their students. The Pak consists of a wide variety of traditional and contemporary clothing and props which will enable you to present role-plays in a variety of settings, including farms, shops, markets, homes and schools.

Combination Pak

This pak is a combined pak of the "LOTE Indo Res. Pak" plus the "Role-play Extension Pak" and enables a school to obtain the best possible value by buying in larger quantities.

School Pak Kecil

This pak is something like a condensed version of the "LOTE Indo Resources Pak", and may be the Pak for you.

 L.O.T.E Indo Resources Pak
Indo Chants and Action Rhymes book and CD 1
From Kancil to Kartini, book by Carmyl Winkler 1
Making Indonesian fun, book by Carmyl Winkler 1
Indonesian money (5xRp100, 5xRp200, 5xRp500, 5xRp1.000, 5xRp2,000, 2xRp5.000) 27
Batik fan 2
Wooden fruit (bananas, pineapple, mango, rambutan) 4
Calendar (Indonesian scenes plus days etc.) 1
Sorjan (Javanese light jacket, male) 2
Kebaya (Javanese light jacket, female) 2
Batik shirt 4
School uniform (cap, shirt, shorts/skirt, tie) 2
Pancasila cap 2
Wayang t-shirt 1
Keris (traditional Indonesian sword) 1
Topeng Wayang (wooden wayang mask) 2
Jarik (batik sarong) 1.0 x 2.25 m 2
Sarung (Moslem cylindrical sarong) 2
Sampur (Indonesian dancing scarf) 2.0 m. x 25 cm. 4
Iket (traditional Javanese head scarf, male) 2
Kerudung (traditional Javanese head scarf, female) 2
Peci (Moslem cap, male) 2
Blangkon (traditional Javanese cap) 1
Caping (farmers conical bamboo hat) 2
Cultural notes 1
 Role-Play Extension Pak School Pak Kecil
Sorjan 3 Indo Chants and Action Rhymes 1
kebayah 3 Sarung 1
Batik shirt 6 From Kancil to Kartini 1
Jarik 3 Kebaya 1
Sarung 3 Batik shirt 1
Sampur 6 Indonesian money 27
Iket 2 Topeng wayang 1
Kerudung 4 Sorjan 1
Peci 4 Blangkon 1
Blangkon 2 Jarik 1
Caping 2 Keris 1
School Uniforms 2 Sampur 3
Pancasila cap 2 School uniforms 1
Wayang t-shirt 1 Pancasila cap 1
Batik fan 6 batik fan 1
Indonesian money 27 Peci 1
Keris 2 Iket 1
Wooden fruit 4 Kerudung 1
Cultural notes 1 Cultural notes 1

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Ramayana costumes

All dance costume sets contain a hat, sampur (dance scarf), belt, arm bands, jarik (sarong), sumping (ear decorations), pants (except Hanoman and Sinta), kace (dance necklaces). Sinta, Rahwana and Kijang have vests, and Hanoman and Kijang have gelang kaki (anklets with bells). Rama and Laksmana have a quiver and arrows, and Hanoman has a beard and mouthpiece. $50.00 disount for full set sent from Yogya, but delivery will be 2-3 months.

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Wayang puppets

inc. GST
Rama (hero) 50cm. $50.00 $55.00
Sinta (Rama's wife) 34cm. $40.00 $44.00
Rahwana (Monster king) 62cm $80.00 $88.00
Hanoman (Monkey hero) 44cm $55.00 $60.50
Kekayon (tree of life) 65cm $80.00 $88.00
Naga (dragon) 45cm. $70.00 $77.00
Garuda (bird) 44cm. $70.00 $77.00
Buto Cakil (demon) $50.00 $55.00
Punakawan (clown characters, Semar, Petruk, Bagong & Gareng $50.00 each $55.00 each

All full size except Kekayon, Rahwana and Petruk, which are a little smaller than standard. Sizes do not include stick. The Ramayana series (Rama, Sinta, Rahwana and Hanoman), receive 10% discount, $207.00 + GST.
Complete set (Ramayana, Punokarwan, naga, gauda & cakil) receives 20% discount, $527.20 + GST.
These prices do not include postage. Please add $20.00 per order, unless other delivery can be arranged.

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Kancil puppets

inc. GST
Kancil 20 x 22cm $25.00 $27.50
Gajah 21 x 26cm $25.00 $27.50
Harimau 17 x 28cm $25.00 $27.50
Buaya 10 x 39cm $25.00 $27.50
Petani 23cm $25.00 $27.50
full set $112.50 $123.75

Full st of kancil series, 10% discount. These prices do not include postage. Please add $14.00 + GST per order, unless other delivery can be arranged.

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