Bagus kan! Is delighted to present "Pen-tawasik", Pentas Tari, wayang dan musik, a performance of Indonesian dance, shadow puppets and music.
This performance showcases the performing arts found throughout the archipelago.

We start at Kalimantan, with Tari Tawaq (gong dance). This is a traditional welcoming dance from the Dayak people of Kalimantan. It is accompanied by the traditional stringed instrument from the region called the sapek.

From here we go to Sumatera with a performance of Pencak Silat, where the martial arts movements of Pencak Silat are combined in the form of a dance.

Then we have a dance from Sumatera called tari Piring (plate dance), or perhaps the Balinese dance called Tari Topeng Tua. This is followed by some drumming from west Java, entitled Sundanese kendang, or North Sumatera called taganing.

From here we go to Central Java for Tari Topeng (mask dance) or Tari Merak (peacock dance), then a couple of music pieces from part of a Javanese Gamelan, before finishing off with a Shadow Puppet performance, that is, Wayang Kulit. As you can see, there are a multitude of options to choose from, making for an entirely new “Pen-tawasik” performance every year if required. If time and the venue permits, in between the gamelan and the shadow puppet performance, we usually have a 5 minute dance session where the students get up and follow Nita in a dance.

A performance of "Pen-tawasik" takes 50 min. If the venue and space and time permits, we can get the students up to perform an Indonesian parade with a dadak merak from Ponorogo leading the procession, and students riding kuda kepang and playing Indonesian parade instruments. This takes an extra 10 min. A performance of “Pen-tawasik” may be combined with a series of workshops, in which case the workshops are offered at half price. See “full day incursions” for more details about workshops.


Get your students hooked on the study of Indonesian
through Indonesian’s fascinating performing arts


Costing and Contact

A performance of "Pentawasik" costs $1320.00 + GST, plus travel, which depends on where your school is situated. Schools within 100 km radius of Bendigo are free. A travel component of $50.00 is added for every further 50 km from Bendigo. The travel component for schools within the metropolitan region is rated at $100.00 for schools North of the city, Eastern or Geelong freeways, and $150.00 for schools South of the city, Eastern or Geelong freeways.

As well as a travel component, there is a fee of $3.20 per child above 200 students. For example a school of 310 students North of the city would incur a cost of $1320.00 (base rate) + $100.00 (travel) + $352.00 ($3.20×110 students) = $1772.00 + GST of $177.20 = $1,949.20.

Extra performances on the day incur an extra cost of $260.00 per extra performance.

Why not "Pen-tawasik" plus a day of workshops? If workshops on the same day as a performance, the workshops are cheaper at $420.00 for the first two, thereafter the full rate of $780.00 per facilitator per day. Information on workshops can be found on the full day incursions page.


For all bookings and inquires, don’t hesitate to contact us on:
Ph : (03)54392678
ABN: 81 931 871 013